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Increase your revenue by offering HE's services to your customers?

energy partner

Why should you work with me?

Your competitors could already adding energy to their service. By partnering with HE you can add this to your portfolio and be safe in the knowledge that they are receiving a great service from an industry expert.


How would the process work?

You can have as much involvement as you want. Manage the relationship with HE behind the scenes or hand the customer over and I will ensure they get the best possible service. 

energy experts
Why would your customers want to work with us?


  • Access to the best prices from over 30 suppliers including the 'Big 6' 

  • Offers from suppliers that are only available to brokers

  • I always present the best possible deal 

  • I am independent.  We have no affiliations with a particular supplier 

  • Over 10 years industry experience - one point of contact for everything

How can trust us to provide a professional service that will enhance your business?

Building long term relationships is at the heart of everything I do. I value every customer equally and will always provide the very best service  

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