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The mission 

The energy industry is unregulated, as a result the broker market has become saturated with large call centres focused on volume, offering little to no service afterwards

Businesses are bombarded by calls from these broker but to get the best possible offer and service for your business, this is not the way to go!


Without regulation, no experience or proof of competence is required to enter the market and there is very little transparency around how brokers earn their money. 


The majority of energy brokers earn money by adding an uplift to the unit rates of a contract. This amount varies depending on the level of work required to manage the account but most importantly a brokers service is NOT FREE and we are not 'paid' by suppliers 

Uplifts applied can vary dramatically. Some suppliers allow up to 3 pence to be added as commission to attract large volumes of business. 


Finding a broker that puts your business first is challenging. I recommend spending some time getting to know the broker you intend to work with first before accepting any offer. Not all brokers will be clear about how they earn their income and it will be quickly evident if they are looking to build a lasting relationship with you, or just after a quick sale. 


Halstead Energy is a consultancy that builds long lasting relationships, making it clear how revenue is earned and ensures that the level of commission is fair and relative to the work that is being done. 

Halstead Energy provides an all inclusive service, not just procurement, providing services from bill query resolution, meter installations and assisting with energy efficiency projects like solar and EV charging. 


By offering a truly personal service, built on trust, customers know that I immerse myself in their account, dealing with issues quickly and efficiently, leaving them to concentrate on running their business.


Since May 2019 I have helped my customers save over £500,000 by switching suppliers and recovering funds from incorrect billing. 


The business now has a healthy portfolio of happy customers, consuming almost 20 gigawatts of energy, safe in the knowledge that I am on hand 24/7 to help.


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