The mission 

I have been in the industry a decade now and the one thing that hasn't changed within that time is a consistent level of service for customers.

The broker market is not regulated therefore, as a customer, it is extremely important that if you are going to use the services of a broker, you chose wisely.

Halstead Energy was created as there is, and always has been, a need for consultants like myself who have your best interests in mind first and foremost.

Call centre orientated brokers are normally only focused on one thing, making as much profit as possible. The result of that is uncompetitive deals for you and your business.

Customers work with me because they know that I immerse myself in their account, understand it inside out and care about delivering the best possible service not just once but on every occasion.

We help customers achieve the best possible deal for their business. Since May 2019 I have saved my customers over £200,000 from switching suppliers at renewal and recoveries from incorrect billing and mis-selling by other brokers.

Within 3 years the business has over 100 happy customers, consuming 12 million kWh's of energy annually and continues to grow every month.

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